Concrete Slab Services

We have all the skills to provide sturdy and long lasting concrete slab services that are perfectly laid to support any structure, big or small.

Concrete Slab Services

A concrete slab sets the foundation for a home, garage, warehouse or any other structure. That means it has to be sturdy and long lasting.

We are high quality concreters that have been in the industry so long, that we know exactly what slab design is needed to suit your building to provide maximum support at a great price. We always make sure to let our clients know what kind of slab we are providing them too, so you know exactly the type of slab that is supporting your home, business or structure.


What Type of Concrete Slab Service do I Need?

Different jobs require different types of slabs and prices can vary depending on if you’re looking to support a backyard shed, pool or a multi storey complex. But either way, we have you covered.

When choosing a slab type we know looking at the context of the site is vital. We consider the soil type and moisture, site slope, potential water sources as well as pipes, tree roots and other obstacles that may affect the slab to provide you with the perfect options for your specific site.

On Ground Slab

This is the most common and cheapest option for smaller projects and concrete slab services. There are a couple of ways to pour these slabs, involving different amounts of formwork and stiffening beams and the type of on ground slab you pour is heavily dependent on the type of soil and moisture of the ground.

 Although this option is a cheaper concrete slab service, if the correct soils and moisture levels are not identified, cracking can easily occur.  Our teams extensive experience means we know exactly how to identify the best slab to pour, so for peace of mind about your on ground slab, call us in today.

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Reinforced Concrete Slab Services

There are a number of different types of reinforced concrete slab services that we can provide. These types of slabs can suite both single houses as well as large complexes and buildings. They all involve different types of formwork and the amount of weight they can support will depend on the amount and type of beams and columns reinforcing the concrete. Just a few of the reinforced concrete slab services we provide are:

  • One and two way slabs on beams
  • Flat slabs
  • Waffle slabs
  • Joist slabs.

Hollow Slabs

Hollow slabs are a type of precast slab that are used for larger scale development and car parks. They are great for baring different weights and loads and can also be quickly constructed.

With have all the tools and machinery to be able to transport and construct  high quality hollow slabs at great prices to give you peace of mind that your building will be sturdy and long lasting.


Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a great option for big jobs. It can mean you can get a large, quality job done quickly and with less worry about the weather conditions.

Our great relationships with local providers means we can get you high quality precast concrete at great prices so you can get your job done under time and under budget.

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