Concrete Polishing, Finishes and Resurfacing Sunshine Coast

A quality finish to your concrete will transform any area into a stylish entertainment, living, or working hub.

Concrete Polishing, Finishes and Resurfacing Sunshine Coast

We have worked with countless numbers of clients who have been shocked by the difference that our concrete polishing, resurfacing, or textures like stamped concrete, have had on the appearance of their work spaces, homes, patio, shed floors and other entertainment and work areas.

Our  concrete expertise and extensive industry knowledge means we know how to make any area look fantastic and work with clients to make sure we understand their ideas and goals and provide them with a variety of options to help them meet their exact needs.

Check out below just a few of the fantastic concrete resurfacing and finishing options we provide all across the Sunshine Coast.


Concrete Polishing


On the Sunshine Coast concrete polishing is on trend right now and is one of our most sought after concrete finishes. It looks great and provides any area with a sense of warmth and class. Another great thing about polished concrete is it is so easy to clean and is so sturdy that you don’t need to worry about cracks or damage to the surface. Both new and old concrete can be polished too, so whether you’ve got an existing or new surface we can help provide quality concrete polishing.

Stamped Concrete

On the Sunshine Coast stamped concrete is chosen by so many people as it looks fantastic and can be tailored to any area or design. It works perfectly around pools, for patios, driveways and more. There are so many different design options to choose from and is a cheaper option to stone, brick or timber. The textured surface means it is also safe from slipping, especially around pools and other wet areas. Like any concrete surface it is long lasting and low maintenance meaning you don’t need to worry about treating or protecting the surface and can focus on enjoying your stylish concreted area.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete being smoothed with trowel

Concrete resurfacing is a fantastic option which is faster and cheaper than replacing an existing, damaged, cracking or worn out concrete surface. Both large concrete slabs and smaller patios, paths and other areas can be resurfaced to repair and strengthen as well as add a new stylish finish to the concrete surface. We have helped numerous clients with concrete resurfacing projects that have saved them time and money.

Concrete Painting


Another great thing about concrete is that it can simply be painted. A fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate an existing area or add the finishing touches to a new project. Concrete painting is a great cheap way to make an area look fantastic.

Our relationship with local Sunshine Coast suppliers means we are able to get great deals for concrete painting. We also know what looks great and can provide guidance on how to match colours and textures to finish your project to perfection.

Concrete Textures

There are so many different ways to finish and texture concrete. All can look great and can be tailored to any budget.

  • Smooth finish: For larger sites where cost is more of a factor a smooth finish can be perfect, to provide a sturdy, durable flooring.
  • Stamped concrete: Stamped concrete is a great low cost option to provide a stylish textured appearance that can take on so many different looks.
  • Broom finish: A broom finish can also be good for large areas, especially where slipping can be a hazard. The more textured finish provides an anti-slip surface.
  • Salt finish: This finish is a high end finish that doesn’t need to break the bank. Our team has the difficult skill of providing a salt finish mastered, for those looking for subtle yet appealing look.
  • Exposed aggregate finish: This finish gives a space a highly textured look, without the mess and hassle that gravel and stone provides. It is also highly slip resistant and is perfect for around pools and areas with high foot or vehicle traffic.


The cost of your concrete finish can vary greatly depending on the size of the area and finish that you choose. A more basic finish such as a smooth or brush finish can cost around $50 per square meter, where with a more detailed high quality finish you can expect to pay $150 plus. Our great relationships with local suppliers and our high quality tools and machinery mean we are able to keep costs and time at a minimum. We are also able to provide expert guidance on what works for you and your budget to make sure you get the best outcome you can. So don’t hesitate and call today for a free quote.